Start Small: Rhythms and Routines

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Start Small: Rhythms and Routines

Episode 9

One of the most common questions the sisters get is about rhythms and routines. How to start one? How to resume one after a break? What about when your rhythm or routine is just NOT working? Cait and Kara hash it out in this episode and share their tips and ideas. The biggest one? Start small!

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5 thoughts on “Start Small: Rhythms and Routines

  1. Leah Colbeck says:

    Hi! A friend and I were talking about your podcast today (which we both like because you feel real but seem to enjoy exploring homeschooling resources more than we do) if you could do an episode on the ‘Bravewriter Lifestyle’. You seem to talk about it a lot and we have a jist but we are just curious about what it means to you. Thanks!


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